About Shark Addicts

shark under water

Mickey Smith is the Videographer for the Shark Addicts team.

Cameron Nimmo is the Shark Feeder for the Shark Addicts team.

Scuba diving friends Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, from Jupiter, Florida, are the Shark Addicts behind their many GoPro videos. Using these recordings from the video they shoot every weekend the Shark Addicts spread shark education while demonstrating that it is possible for humans and sharks to interact safely.

Shark Diving with the Addicts

Thanks to Florida’s warm waters Jupiter has made for the ideal shark diving location for the Shark Addicts and their diving crew since 2013. For their diving expeditions the Shark Addicts have partnered with Randy Jordan, owner and operator of Emerald Charters in Jupiter, Florida. If you‘re ever in the area then be sure to look them up as you’ll have a chance to take the very same charter as the Shark Addicts!

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